50,000 Bonus United Airlines Miles from Fidelity 2nd time

Fidelity still offers bonus 50,000 United miles or American Airlines miles if you deposit at least $100,000 in your non-retirement Fidelity brokerage account, whether new or existing.  And you can get 50,000 bonus miles again.  I received the first one in September 2013, pulled all money out on September 2014, then deposited $100k back in late October 2014.

Rules are the same as last time except:

This offer expires April 30, 2015, and it is not transferable or valid in conjunction with any other Fidelity promotional offer

I chatted online with Fidelity support regarding the following rule.

Offer is limited to one per individual per rolling 12 months and may not be combined with other offers. 

So, "rolling 12 months" simply means one has to wait 12 months after earning the bonus miles, before participating again.

Why not getting 50,000 AAdvantage miles instead of United Airlines miles?

I expect to fly to Taiwan on Eva Airlines at least once a year.  As Eva Airlines and United Airlines are airline partners, United miles are more valuable to me.

How much value is 50,000 United miles?

It is about $1,800 without promotion. As of Dec 1st 2014, either one-way United First Class or one-way Eva Airlines Royal Laurel Business Class flight ticket requires 80,000 United miles.  Putting $100k in savings account would net only $100 annually these days before tax.  Bonus frequent flyer miles are non-taxable.

If you have $100k as emergency cash, you may want to consider parking the money at Fidelity.  The money is protected, and Fidelity does not charge account maintenance fee.  You can purchase CD for 1 year which still beats the normal savings interest rate.  Should you need to pull the money out for emergency.  Go ahead.  You only lose the 50,000 bonus United miles that you have earned.

Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving.

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