Hilton Grand Vacation Hawaii (Oahu) Lagoon Tower Review

Beautiful Life
Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon outside of HGV
Finally we arrived at Hilton Grand Vacation Hawaii (Oahu) Lagoon Tower, 13 months after we purchased the discount deal ($1800) at Las Vegas.  The deal was a one-time promotion and perfect for a family of four at least.  Lesson learned: it had been a hassle to identify and plan with another couple, so we would not pre-purchase a two-bedroom suite deal again until we have at least 2 kids.  We thought about bringing my parents but it may be difficult for them to follow our itinerary.

Q1. What would HGV Honolulu of 2-bedroom suites at Lagoon Tower be perfect for?
  • A large family of at least 4 people.  The sofa bed in the living room can provide sleeping area for 2 more people.  If you can get a double queen beds like in our case, the entire 2-bedroom suites can fit 8 people.
  • Perfect for kids and elders, because they can stay in DK Lagoon which is safe, and Lagoon Tower is only 5 minutes walking distance from Waikiki Beach.
  • Family or group who want to prepare breakfast, as the suite comes with a fully furnished kitchen

Q2. What is the living condition of our HGV 2-bedroom suites?

  • The living room and bedrooms are spacious, total probably about 800 square feet.  
  • But the AC in our master bedroom suite was loud, and the restroom was missing a vent.  Worst of all, the waiting time for elevator was horrible.  These all point to a need of renovation which Hilton plans to do in 2015.  
  • Because of popularity among tourists from Japan, HGV Hawaii suite is equipped with rice-cooker and Japanese-speaking helpers were everywhere.
  • Unlimited free-rental of movie DVD from lobby machines.
  • Free-service laundry room available at each floor.

Our suite living room

Our double-queen beds room suite
Our master bedroom suite

Q3. Do you need to rent a car to stay at Honolulu?

If you plan to stay in Honolulu only and active in the downtown neighborhood and Waikiki Beach, the answer is no.  Car rental is inexpensive ($170 for 8 days), but car parking is ($25 for overnight stay at HGV).  Public transportation is known to be convenient.

Q4. Would we come back to stay at Hilton Grand Vacation Hawaii at Lagoon Tower again?

There are plenty of hotels near the Waikiki Beach area. We would like to try out other hotels.  We also have SPG and Hilton HHonors points available.  maybe we can redeem for free hotel nights?  I only know we like to stay at Maui Hawaii next time.

My Take-away

Typically we would not want to stay in the same hotel for one week.  Hawaii is an exception.  We can stay at the same hotel for eight days, then venture out to neighborhood areas which are both very interesting and not far away.  We should be able to use credit card reward points to purchase cheap flight tickets or redeem some free hotel nights, or, maybe there will be good deals from Groupon and Costco travel.

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