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In March, I was exploring Groupon, Livingsocial for great local deals.  I also looked into Travelzoo. Groupon, Livingsocial and Travelzoo have overlaps of offerings but also their own unique offerings.  Probably because of my selected subscription preferences, Groupon emails many promotions but not all of them are desirable.  I rarely receive promotions from Livingosocial and about one VIP email per week from Travelzoo.  When I first looked into Travelzoo, I was able to catch the last $79 voucher to dine at Silicon Valley Capital Club.  I bought the voucher quickly, because late last year, we had a delightful experience to dine at French Laundry restaurant, and company had year-end dinner at this club restaurant where the food served tasted well, and paid membership is required.

The out-of-pocket payment in addition to the voucher purchase was $72, because the 20% surcharge fee was calculated on the original price of the meals plus two glasses of wine.

appetizer - fresh tomato juice
Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

Prime New York Steak

Seared Sea Scallops & Fresh Wild Truffles

lemon tart

desert - Scouffle


  • Beside earning miles/points for vacation travel, group-discount sites such as Groupon, Livingsocial and Travelzoo make available more choices of affordable entertainment at our convenience.  I'd recommend to join their email subscriptions.  I am ready to try other restaurants via these site promotions.
  • One may say $150 is expensive.  Honestly, it is to us!  I mis-read about how the restaurant would calculate the surcharge fee.  Yet, I am glad that I mis-read, because the food tasted really delicious (the wine was so so).  I was ready to pack weekday lunches to save.  After all, the timing was just right that we used it to celebrate our Taiwan wedding anniversary.
Is this worth $150?  You decide.

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