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Recently there have been rave reviews among frequent miles card applicants for the two new American Express EveryDay and EveryDay Preferred Cards.

  • Sign-up bonus 10,000 Membership Reward Points for American Express EveryDay Credit Card, after $1K spend in the first 3 months, no annual fee, and 2X points at US supermarkets. Special: get 20% extra after +20 purchases within each billing cycle.

  • Sign-up bonus 15,000 Membership Reward Points for American Express EveryDay Preferred Credit Card, after $1K spend in the first 3 months, $95 annual fee NOT waived first year, and 3X points at US supermarkets, 2X on gas stations. Special: get 50% extra after +30 purchases within each billing cycle.

Today, a friend showed me an invitation she received from American Express.
  • Targeted - 25,000 Membership Reward (MR) Points for American Express EveryDay Credit Card, no annual fee!
same MR points offering as my AMEX Gold!

Why are these EveryDay credit card offerings attractive?

For those who already have American Express Premier Gold and Platinum cards in the past or about to cancel those cards, and do not want to be forced to redeem Membership Reward Points (points are active as long as card holder has one card with active MR membership).  AMEX EveryDay cards offering present a no-fee/low-fee option and meaningful way to continue to earn MR points.

How to receive the higher targeted MR points sign-up offer?

My friend has excellent FICO score, no AMEX card, good income and rarely applies new credit cards.  If you fit this category but have not received this target offer via mail, may be you can call 1-800-589-7596 or click on the "Chat with Us" on the right hand side of the AMEX page to request the higher offer.  Give it a try; won't hurt. 

Would I apply for this public sign-up offer?

MR points are much more valuable than cash when used to redeem for business/first-class flight tickets, so I like to keep earning MR points.   The spending requirement is low.  I may apply for AMEX EveryDay Preferred card first to secure the 15K MR points.  Then, I will apply for AMEX Mercedes Platinum for $475 with 50,000 MR sign-up bonus points next, as it offers discounts on Mercedes services and parts which our small car may need.  Rumors is that American Express does not allow AMEX personal card churning anymore.  A lower offering but also lower fee is also available from AMEX plain Platinum Credit Card which currently offers 40,000 MR points for $425.

If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer. This offer is also not available to applicants who have or have had a Platinum Card® account enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program.

Holding multiple American Express credit cards has improved my FICO score because each new AMEX card approved honors the oldest application date of my existing AMEX cards.  However, this clearly present an inconvenience to receive higher targeted offer, or be surely eligible for sign-up bonus.  My future plan is to keep more useful Chase credit cards and only one no-fee AMEX card.

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