Join Hertz Gold Plus, e-Miles gives Free 200 United Airlines miles

e-Miles also offer good opportunities to earn hundreds of United miles easily, in addition to other opinion-solicitation programs.  This week, Hertz offers free 200 United Airlines miles for joining Hertz Gold Plus Reward program, and another free 200 United Airline miles for joining as a business entity. Total is 400 United miles.

I joined the promotion for the personal one, and was able to reach 500 e-Miles because of this addition.

Free 900 United miles without spending one dollar are pending to be added to my United Airline membership account.    900 United miles is not much.  It is like saving money in saving account; save small each time and diligently.  I recommend joining e-Miles program.

What do you think?

Update: March 31, 2014 (2 days later after post) 

Hertz 200 United miles Business Rewards no longer available. I think Hertz has a quota.  Once the quota was met, the promotion disappeared from my e-Miles account.  I would act fast next time.

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