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Since the fun horse riding and Thai massage treatment a month ago, I saw that fun local activities would be as relaxing as a good vacation, often costs much less, and convenient for a quick one-day getaway.  I'd like to do it again.  Professional massage service is probably what we need to soothe our stiff shoulder muscles.

"How to find great local deals and pay the lowest cost via rebates?"

I re-activated email subscriptions of, and, hoping to receive any promotions about good massage services.  And I did! I have purchased
  • One 60-min Couple massage voucher via 25% coupon ($90)
  • Two 60-min Single massage vouchers via ($56 each)

A email this morning reveals 20% promo code.  I paid $45 for one more massage voucher .  In contrast, the earlier traditional Thai Couple massage alone costed $150 including tax and tips.  The lower $45 price tag helps.  I'd like to use the first 3 months of this year to explore local activities.

How Good are Offerings from Travelzoo?

I have seen overlaps of offerings between Groupon and Livingsocial.  But Travelzoo also has some unique special deals.  The following is one example.  (I did not purchase this offer)

If you don't plan to travel far, maybe the local deals from, or Travelzoo would be of interest to you.

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