Macy's Coupon, Amazon's Coupon or $675 Cash-Back for this Black Friday and Christmas Sales Shopping

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Let's start with $5 cash back offer from home page for first-time shopper

Cash-Back from Sign-up Bonus = $5

Scenario 1  

If you are not interested to apply for new credit cards, or already applied new credit cards within the last 93 days, please take a look at my previous post, "10%-20% Cash Back or Discount"

Scenario 2: 

If you have excellent FICO score and have not applied new credit cards within the last 93 days (and Chase card within the last 6 months), the following cards are attractive options, regardless you are interested to earn free miles/points for frequent flyer and/or hotel programs.

Apply in one single day (in the following order) and earn $675 cash-back

1. Barclay Arrival World MasterCard with $400 bonus after spending $1000 in the first 3 months, with $89 membership waived for first year
  • Barclay does not like frequent credit card churner.  If you rarely apply credit card and have excellent FICO score, this card is for you, at least for the first year.

Total Cash Back from sign-up bonus = $5 + $400

2. Barclay Upromise MasterCard with $75 bonus within the first 90 days, with no annual fee.

First Use Bonus Cash Back. A seventy-five dollar ($75) Cash Back bonus is earned if you use your new Upromise Credit Card to make your first purchase, cash advance transaction or transfer a balance within ninety (90) days of your Upromise Credit Card account being issued. If you make an eligible retail purchase transaction, you will also receive your 1% Card Cash Back. Your one-time $75 Cash Back bonus will be reported as pending on your Upromise account by the thirtieth (30th) day of the calendar month following the credit card statement containing the initial transaction and should be posted to your Upromise account within ninety (90) days of the posted pending transaction, provided you are a Upromise member within ninety (90) days of  your Upromise Credit Card account being issued.
  • Apply this card only if the first Barclay card application is immediately approved.  If rejected, skip this card and jump to the card #3.
  • If your first Barclay card application is approved, give it a try to apply this one on the same day.
Cash-Back from Sign-up Bonus  = $5 + $400 + $75 

3. Limited-time offer: Chase Freedom $200 cash back, after spending $500 in 3 months, no annual fee
  • If you have not applied any Chase credit card in the last 5-6 months and have never had Chase Freedom card in the past, this card is for you.
  • Chase Freedom card sign-up bonus has always been $100 only.
  • After receiving the card, activate the additional 5% cash back for shopping this quarter (till end of December 2013) for purchases in Amazon, Macys, Kohl and more.
  • See for a complete list of participating department stores, including Macy's, NORDSTROM, Sears, Kohl's and JCPenney.
Cash-Back from Sign-up Bonus  = $5 + $400 + $75 + $200 + $25 (5% rebate) = $705

Regarding credit card bonus FAQ, please see my experience.

Two Examples about Effects of Credit Card Sign-up Bonuses:

A. Purchase $500 merchandise from $255 Cash-back from $500 purchase
  1. Create your account in
  2. Click to accept the $5 Upromise offer
  3. Find URL in, click to access Macys
  4. Purchase $500 merchandise using Chase Freedom Visa card. 
    • Rebate:  $500 x 5% (from Chase Freedom) + $200 (from card sign-up bonus) + $5 (Upromise bonus) + $500 x 5% (from Upromise portal URL) = $255
  5. Or, purchase $500 merchandise using Upromise MasterCard.
    • Rebate: $500 x 5% (from Upromise Mastercard) + $75 (from card sign-up bonus) + $5 (Upromise bonus) + $500 x 5% (from Upromise portal URL) = $130

B. Purchase $500 merchandise from $225 Cash-back from $500 purchase
  1. Amazon cash back is generally 5% from Chase Freedom Visa card.
    • If items are purchased from qualified Amazon categories, shopping from can lead up to 8% rebates.
    • Rebate: $500 x 5% (from Chase Freedom Card) + $200 (from card sign-up bonus) = $225

To summarize how to receive $675 bonus cash back
  1. Use the new Chase Freedom card to shop online total $500 at Macys or Amazon until end of December 2013 to receive the $200 sign-up bonus (the bonus will be $225)
  2. Use the new Upromise Mastercard to shop online only once at any Upromise online partners to receive the $75 + $5 sign-up bonus ($80)
  3. Use the new Barclay Arrival MasterCard to spend $1000 (online or in-store) in the first 3 months to receive $400 statement credit
    • If nothing to shop online, just use the Arrival MasterCard to pre-pay bills (internet/phone/utilities/insurance)
Note: there is the 20% off for applying the new Macy's credit card. This can be the fourth card application on the same day.  There are quite a few restrictions though.  $100 savings is maximum; do not use this card to spend more than $500.  I would recommend this card only if you like to shop at Macy's often.

Subject to credit approval. The new account discount (the "Discount") is valid on merchandise purchases made on the day you are approved and the following day and charged on your new Macy's Account. The Discount cannot be combined with other discount offers except where indicated and it may not be applied to previous purchases. The Discount does not apply to services, select licensed departments, Gift Cards, restaurants, gourmet food and wine. The Discount savings is limited to a total of $100. Applicants must qualify for immediate approval to receive the Discount; applications requiring further processing will not receive the Discount. Employees of Macy's, Inc. are not eligible. The Discount percentage may differ on store purchases. For your convenience and record keeping, the Discount will appear on your statement. It will not appear on your register receipts or during checkout on

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