Free $10 Walmart eGift Card with $100 Purchases at using Citi credit cards

There have been many promotional offers received.  One of them is from Citi Bank.  Two interesting offers are noticed:

1. Free $10 Walmart eGift card due to Citi Tuesday at - 11/5/2013 - 12/17/2013

You can also earn an easy and free $10 Walmart/Macys gift card after making $25 purchases via cash-back portal as a new customer (new email address and shipping address).  A pop-up window with display of several gift cards would be presented to you in the browser for you to opt-in.  Ebates will mail the gift card to your account address.

2. Citi Price Rewind - using Citi card for purchases with low price guarantee for 30 days, only if at least $25 difference.

I have not tried it myself, because I use Chase and AMEX credit cards for purchases most of the time.  Check out "What is not Covered?"  The exceptions are quite long.  I highlighted the important ones in red, that would apply to my shopping habit.
The Citi Price Rewind Program does not apply to:
  • Boats;
  • Motorized vehicles (including but not limited to airplanes, automobiles and motorcycles), or their motors, equipment, and;
  • Auto accessories (including but not limited to communication devices intended solely for use in the vehicle) and/or tires;
  • Consumables and perishables;
  • Items which the Eligible Accountholder damages through alteration (including but not limited to cutting, sawing, or shaping);
  • Land, permanent structures and fixtures (including but not limited to buildings, homes, dwellings, and building and home improvements);
  • Travelers' checks, tickets of any kind, negotiable instruments, bullion, stamps, rare or precious coins, cash or its equivalent, lottery tickets or tickets to events or for entertainment;
  • Live plants or animals;
  • Used, antique, recycled, previously owned, rebuilt, or remanufactured items, whether or not the Eligible Accountholder knew the item was used, antique, recycled, previously owned, rebuilt, or remanufactured;
  • Items for which the Printed or Internet Advertisement containing the lower price was published or made available by the merchant more than 30 days after the Eligible Accountholder's purchase;
  • Items purchased subject to rebate, redeemable manufacturer's coupon, or any refund of any sort, in which case the purchase price will be determined by taking into account any such rebate or refund;
  • Customized/personalized, unique and one-of-a-kind items;
  • Items purchased for resale, professional or commercial use;
  • Services (including but not limited to the performance or rendering of labor on new parts eligible for this program or maintenance, repair or installation of products, goods or property, or professional advice of any kind);
  • Jewelry (does not include watches), collectibles, art, antiques, special order, rare one-of-a-kind items;
  • Stuffed or mounted animals, animal or fish trophies;
  • Airline tickets or transportation tickets of any kind;
  • Differences in price due to shipping, handling costs or sales tax;
  • Items purchased by a non-U.S. resident;
  • Items purchased and/or delivered from merchants outside of the United States;
  • Merchandise offered through special offerings by Citibank, N.A.;
  • Lower priced items that require service contracts;
  • Substantially similar items;
  • Firearms;
  • Ammunition.

If you use Citi Bank credit cards often for purchases, this free coverage would not hurt.

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