Credit Score Improved to over 740 after multiple Hilton cards approved

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Four months ago, I shared about how to improve FICO score, and started an experiment to improve Isa's FICO score to above 740.  740 is required to be qualified for excellent mortgage interest rate category.  I am writing to share the news that Isa's FICO score is above 740.

One main contributing factor is to increase revolving credits.  She applied multiple credit cards and received approval.  She also called American Express to increase her existing credit allowance.  Although her Hawaii card was rejected, a letter was sent explaining that says her FICO score is 746.  (The score is only a few points different than what CreditKarma reports - 753).

Next experiment is to raise and keep her FICO score consistently above 760.  This step may take 6-7 months.  Then, refinance our home mortgage under only her name yet with both of our names on the house title.  (Names on the house title represent ownership of the house).  The approach will free up the mortgage loan liability in my credit record, and allow me to be qualified for more interesting credit card sign-up bonuses for vacation.  Isa has had lots of fun and laughs in this credit card bonus adventure.  With mortgage liens/liabilities (both Taiwan and US) in her names, she should rather firm up her FICO score above 760 first, before joining the fun again.

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