Mediterranean Cruise - Turkey, Didyma, Miletus

In Turkey, we also followed another tour group to visit Didyma, including the ancient Miletus city.  I like natural stone such as marble or granite, but do not have an interest in stone.  However, the visits at Didyma was another unique experience, because of the magnificence of the stone buildings which have endured rain or shine during those hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The Temple of Apollo

Overview of the temple

Standing in the kingdom of giants
Stone carvings
The sheer monstrous size of the columns and the carvings on the stone surface understate the years of effort and planning that went into the construction of these stone structures.  This was the residence of giants, not of humans.

The tour bus next brought us to:
The Theater of Miletus

At the first glance, the place may seem to have nothing more than a pile of debris and stone, a tour of inside would reveal, again, more.  The temperature was high that afternoon, whereas the doorway area was comfortably cool.  Although the past glory is no longer present, these stone structure will continue to raise interest to future visitors about what once had happened here.

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