For Travel: iPhone 5 External Battery Charger: Trent iCarrier 12000 mAh, iTorch IMP52D

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Three weeks ago, my wife finally received approval to upgrade her 2-years old Blackberry to iPhone 5.  Things went smooth but she noticed, over a period of next four days, that her iPhone 5 would run out of battery in the middle of the day and it was fully charged the morning.  My iPhone 5 battery always above 60% at the end of my workday.  She even thought she got a lemon iPhone 5.

I played with her iPhone 5 settings and took a couple days to identify that the notification and particularly Calendar syncs were the main culprits.  Because the mobile phone is paid by her company, she has to keep the Calendar sync functionality enabled as it has an useful alert mechanism also.  Turning off the Calendar sync was not really a solution.  A larger problem was coming though: four days (including a weekend) later, she would depart for China & Taiwan for a business trip that would last 8 days.

How to beef up the iPhone 5 with a long-trip coming? I returned to the idea of iPhone external battery.  I did not have one, because I manage to charge iPhone 5 at the end of each day.  An extra phone battery is not a necessity.  This time is different.  An extra phone battery brings peace of mind to both of us.

OK. I wanted to buy a powerful extra iPhone 5 battery, not just one that help iPhone 5 to last only another 4 hours.  One solution: Trent iCarrier 12000 mAh

The product description claims that it can provide iPhone 5 with +50 hours of battery service.  What is even better is that Amazon and Trent offers iTorch (another +20 hours) battery for free if purchasing Trent iCarrier.  Now she could even watch a movie with her iPad3 if she wants while waiting at the China airport.  Price would be total $80 including tax and using the free standard 9-day shipping.  Whether her company would re-imburse the purchase is not an issue to me.

I paid the extra $25 one-day shipping because of the urgency.  The shipping actually came two days later, right, two hours right before my wife departed for the airport. I called Amazon to explain my disappointment, and were refunded with $25 quickly.  (Yup, that is why I purchase items from Amazon)

The comment from my wife sent from her iPhone 5 to my Pinger Desktop on her way back to US completed my satisfaction.  ;->

These two chargers will be useful in travel.  The Trent iTorch is also equipped with a flash light and laser pointer, handy for business presentation.

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