Unlock old iPhone 4 and Sold it for $199, after iPhone 5 Upgrade

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I have been using iPhone 5 for 45 days now. Solid CPU performance, elegantly-designed device, excellent camera functionality together dwarf the need to keep my old iPhone 4.  I sold the old unlocked iPhone 4 today for $199 to a colleague.  And I am glad to add the extra money to our 2013 travel or project allowances, such as the much rumored Google X phone.

Apple plans to release several cheaper versions of iPhones sometimes in 2013. Those introductions will drive down the need of more expensive iPhone 4 and future Apple devices and their prices.  I would recommend selling the old iPhone 4 if it is not used as a primary phone.

1. How to unlock iPhone, if the old iPhone carrier is AT&T?

2. Verify the Unlock is successful
  • Unlock takes only a few days.  If the unlock is successful, another email will arrive.
  • Hard reset and connect iPhone 4 to iTunes Store. A congratulation message displays to confirm.

  • Remove all personal contents of the iPhone 4:  "General" -> "Reset" -> "Erase All Content and Settings"
3. Sell
  • I found easiest and reliable way to sell is to post a listing inside any large company employee network (your friend's?). Because of this, be honest about the phone condition and adjust the selling price accordingly.  I sold the iPhone 4 with the original Apple power adapter, ear-pods, and lightning cable of which each is currently priced at $20 in Apple Store.  It was not a bad deal to the buyer at all.  Recall the iPhone upgrade adds additional +$50 after the $199.99.

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