Recommend Ribeye steak at Parcel 104 Restaurant inside Marriott Hotel - simple getaway 2

Rib-eye Steak with abalone mushroom
Organic Daikon with mandarin and avocado
Time is still January of the new 2013. I want to make this year special.  Realizing we never have a meal over USD $100 for two of us, we spent $75 at Costco to purchase a $100 gift card for Parcel 104 restaurant inside Marriott Resort Hotel.  We carpooled to Parcel 104 right after work, with excitement mindset. The restaurant is easy to be located.  The first impression about the restaurant was full of work-dinner people.  It was not a quiet place.  Most diners were talking about business. Our table was at a corner.  We ordered
Fresh Mahi-Mahi
  1. Daikon appetizer for $11
  2. Mahi-Mahi for $35
  3. Rib-eye steak for $45 with beet as side-dish
  4. Crepe with vanilla ice-cream on top as desert for $11

  • The service is excellent; waitresses exhibit nice-manner and courtesy
  • Rib-eye steak is juicy and delicious
  • Not a romantic place.  Most people around talk about work, most are work-dinners
  • All dishes we ordered look fantastic, but, in my opinion, only the rib-eye is worth the price which I do consider re-ordering next time. All the people of the table next to ours ordered rib-eye steak.
Why is this dinner deemed a getaway?
- The rib-eye flavor is enchanting. 
side dish - beet
- We dressed up for the event. This is our first experience, only-two-of-us, dining inside Marriott Hotel, excluding previous wedding events.  Parcel 104 is not Marriott Hotel restaurant; it is simply located inside.
- We laughed always because we knew the gift card could not cover all the cost for the dinner. I like the way my wife kept saying, "oh, no".  We had a good time.
- We are frequent visitor of Outback Restaurant. I like their wood-fire steak.  Parcel 104 steak is more pricey, yet it is a different kind of steak sauce indeed.

This should be our last getaway dining for January.  If there is a good reason to celebrate in February, and does not violate our budget plan much, we may indulge our dining experience again.

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