Recommend San Francisco restaurant Tadich Grill's cioppino - a simple getaway

Federal budget ceiling, deficit talks, tax increase are the common financial talks these days.  Beginning of the year is typically slow for business, as people including myself start to prepare for filing income tax report for 2011.  Last Saturday and once every year, I put these thoughts behind and celebrated at the same place for the first dating place between my wife and I, at San Francisco's Tadich Grill.

What is cioppino?  Italian-American fish-stew seafood soup

I remember Tadich Grill well because
  • it was our first date lunch
  • I was not comfortable with the pricing (but first date, no complaint!)
  • The restaurant has been opened for business since 1860s
  • I had my first cioppino there, and have become a fan of cioppino.
We glad used Chase Checking $150 bonus (before tax) to cover the expense of cioppino and seafood salad.  By the way, the cioppino is only $31.  Recommend to arrive after 6pm. There is ample of free street parking around.

A day and time to refresh ourselves.  In this cold weather, a hot hearty cioppino in a warm Italian dining environment makes a real difference.

Happy 2013 to everyone.

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