Is there a promotion for Google Nexus 7 tablet (Black Friday or Christmas Deals?)

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Question #1:  I feel it is time for a change of mobile experience .. to use Android phone.   Would I regret?
There have been rave reviews about 4G experience with iPhone 5.  Two years ago, unlike iPhone, the choices for Android mobile phones was overwhelming.  The reality of manufacturing stops supporting your mobile phone is quite unpleasant. What is or will be the most dominant mobile phone running Android OS?  Google's response provides strong hints; Google will not give up having its own brand phone, supported by the Android software which it has invested and developed.  Google Nexus is back. And this time, it seems to be doing the right thing.

Question #2:  should I get Nexus 4 (smartphone), Nexus 7 (mini-tablet) or Nexus 10 (tablet)?

  • Cross out Nexus 10, because I have iPad 2 and 3 already.
  • Nexus 4 would be great, but not available from AT&T upgrade plan. I do not want to switch to T-mobile or Verizon either, as calls between two AT&T-plan phones do not use up the peak-hours minutes. And their monthly plan is not cheaper.
  • Nexus 7, 16GB, WiFi would be the safest bet. I can still upgrade my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, stay with the familiar iPhone experience. 
Bottom line: I do not want to pay out-of-pocket money.  :)

Question #3: How to be cash positive in this purchase?
After googling extenstively, there seems to be no coupon for Walmart, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot that is applicable to the purchase of Nexus 7 tablet.
I was informed yesterday that my company can reimburse for cell phone used in my cell phone plan, up to $199, but not tablet.  So I will wait for $99 Nexus 7" tablet offering.    I would bet the price drop won't happen next week, because Google just dropped the price to $199 for 16GB.    Christmas is a possibility.

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