Day 2 & 3: Vacation at Olympic National Park & Forest: Lake Quinault areas

Day 2:

We left Lake Crescent Lodge in the morning and got ready to drive the next five hours westward and south to Lake Quinault which is the next popular place for Olympic National Park.   Yesterday wild salmon was our dinner, and we intended to make the next three days wild salmon days.  The price was much more affordable than the price at San Francisco Bay Area.

Along the way, it was an easy drive; little traffic, lots of trees, warm weather.  There were many sites of deforestation or controlled growth.  We arrived Rain Forest Resort Village at Lake Quinault around afternoon. The view of the lake was quite mesmerizing.

What turned out to be the most impressive was food quality at the nearby Salmon House.  How good was it?  We had late lunch, dinner of Day 2 and breakfast of Day 3 there.  The price is not inexpensive, but it would be worth it, because we do not know when is the next time of visiting Lake Quinault.

Scallop roll
Salmon house -sauce chicken

Day 3:
We arrived to nearby Lake Quinault Lodge around 4 pm, checked-in and started hiking. (The photo is from Google Map)

I like to write a short story this time.  From my perspective,

  • Lake Quinault is not as beautiful as Lake Crescent.
  • Lake Quinault Lodge restaurant is a must-dine area, although expensive, and a best place to try their Lake Quinault Wood-grilled wild salmon, which is very delicious
  • There is a cafe outside of Lake Quinault Lodge. The breakfast was carefully and sincerely made by the owner.  They have a banner inside. "Please be patient. We can not promise cooking fast, but we promise cooking good".

I used my iPhone to take multiple photos of the backcourt of Lake Quinault Lodge, and combined them to form the title photo of this blogsite. (see above).

Thank you iPhone 4. The picture quality is impressive.

One thought that came up often is how important we must protect trees and lakes.  We are mutually dependent of each other.

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