How to setup WiFi at home? a wireless router, which router then?

Sometimes friends ask about how to setup WiFi at home.  It is always an easy question.  An internet connection at home such as DSL or Cable, add a WiFi router on top.  Next question usually becomes more debatable. What would be a reliable WiFi router available at an affordable price?

Frys is a good gadget store where one can drive immediately to take a look about what a router is.  Unless you need it within one day,  I always find Amazon's price is cheaper and can wait.   When I bought my home WiFi router, the following was my criteria:

  1. Below US $100.  the lower the better.
  2. fancy features are not needed.
  3. An excellent brand.  (Cisco was the first name that came to my mind)
  4. Easy to integrate with my computer. something like just follow the installation CD step by step. 
  5. Capability to support password access
  6. Capability to support multiple devices, including those offered to house guests
  7. Capability to support land-line internet connection. I still have a desktop 
One recommendation: Cisco-Linksys Advanced Wireless-N Router

E2000, as of June 10, 2012, $60.   Click to view details
E2500, as of June 10, 2012, $73.71  Click to view details

I bought E2000, which is still running fine and error-free during the last 2 years.

(The comparison chart is from Amazon.)

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