Free iPhone iPod App for Free Unlimited Text Messaging,Voicemail, and International Calling

I) Free iPhone, iPod mobile app for

1. Free Unlimited text messaging
2. Free app-to-app calling
3. Free phone number
4. Free reception of phone calls from landline or mobile phone
5. Earn minutes to call landline phone numbers by watching video clips

Search for "Pinger TextFree Voice" in U.S. iTunes Store, or
visit here

II) Free German app for the same benefits (German phone number) above

Search for "Pinger DE" in German iTunes Store, or
visit here

III) Add free voicemail, with a one-time download fee of $1.99

Search for "Pinger voicemail" in U.S. iTunes Store
or visit here

IV) Android offering does not have voice calling yet. It does offer free-text messaging

Click here for Android

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