Chase Cash Back offers - credit card and checking account

Chase (J.P.Morgan Bank) must be flooded with cash lately to be used in promotions.

1) receive $50 from applying via -> "Your Account" -> "Amazon Credit Cards" -> "Chase Freedom Credit Cards"

. Or receive $100 cash back if spending over $500 in 3 months.

2) receive $125 from opening a new first-time Chase Checking account

the rebate comes after 3 months of opening the checking account.

3) once receive credit cards, sign up for auto-deposit such as $200 per month. sign up for "Ultimate Rewards".

5% for grocery and restaurant expenses. Then redeem points to purchase Home Depot gift card with 10% discount. i.e. spend $90 to buy $100 gift card.

Their reward website is easy to use, and quite rich with different kind of offers.

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