Another surprise in January ... temporary "loss" of hearing

My manager IM'ed me to buy three invisible shields from ZAGG for the three iPhones . Because I like my work, and manager said, "don't bother to expense it", I bought three covers with my own money with a coupon code 50% discount, 50% subsidy from him. Probably debating with him and filing the actual expense paper with slim chance of approval would cost the company more (our time spent). Glad to test a stack of protected iPhones.

Last Thursday, I caught a cold. My life and perspectives changed for the next several days. Water got into my right ear during a shower. Everything fell dead silent on the right side in a second. Nothing was audible from that side. Typical jumping, nostril blowing movements did not clear. "painful", I needed to turn my left ear to the direction of sources of voices to hear. Indeed, I was overwhelmed by worries. With the cold, my head was heavy always. What is my future like? I came to have more sympathy and encouraging words about those disabled people. ah ... we should be joyful simply being able to see, hear and speak. Three days passed and Kaiser doctor did not return my appointment request call. (HMO ...). I called again to push an appointment on Wednesday. To make story short, my right ear had too much ear wax which was probably pushed in and consolidated by the warm shower water.

I regained the full right ear hearing capability, and felt like a new-born person! The experience is enlightening.

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