Quaker Oats - my antidote to diarrhea

Last Friday night weather was particularly chilly. On my way back from a wholesome Shanghai-style dinner, I grapped french-fries and strawberry sundae from MacDonald. Sipped one additional glass of orange juice. I must be starving that day.

The same night my body developed fever, stomache, headache. Treated them as signs of first stage of cold/flu, I thought I was going to get ... just a cold. Took my favorite bed-time medication liquid-form of TheraFlu and went to sleep. The Saturday proved that was a wrong conclusion. My body developed something like diarrhea; I ate almost nothing solid that day. Sunday, the same situation. Monday (yesterday) the same.

Positive about what problem my body had but lazy to visit doctor, I somehow craved for Oatmeal which may replenish my body's lost minerals. I made a small bowl of the one-minute-cooking-ready Oatmeal last night.

Throughtout last night, I felt my internal organs was "re-structuring" that it was quite painful. Apparently, I lost sleep but diaherra is gone now :-) I will start having one bowl of daily oatmeal for 2009. Looking forward for the LA trip two days later. Happy New Year !

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