"Green" Hydronic Dryer

A colleague has been looking for new dryer and washer, and asks for feedbacks. One suggest is to check out new "Green" Dryer. These days, "Green" sounds good. I read the website FAQ and "how it works". According to the information posted on the website, there will an upgrade kit available to modify existing dryer (any brand) to use this new technology. However, the website has a sense of lack of credential. I will wait for consumer reports when the dryer becomes available. The following information is missing:

1. Cost of upgrade. FAQ mentions $300 which is for ONLY installation service
2. The flow diagram mentions a heat exchanger. That points to the need of (much) extra room near any dryer. How much space?
3. Who are the investors in this company? Manufacturing this upgrade kit is not cheap. Need some good sources or big names to make this company trustworthy.
4. Does it incur higher cost of water usage?
5. Is extended warranty available? One year for new technology is not sufficient

More and more people prefer environmentally-friendly products. Hope this technology and company is for real, and not a scam.

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