Friendship Christmas Vacation at Lake Tahoe.

Good times always fly quickly.

I joined a group of friends to spend the few Christmas vacation days at Lake Tahoe. Have been to Tahoe a few times, but I was serious about learning how to ski this time. I always skipped the ski lessons in the previous trips, because skiing looks easy. It has proven to me that I made a mistake or at least, I am not talented in snow-skiing.

The trip was a 3-nights, 3 days "package" with a tight schedule. Simply speaking, it was ski for morning and afternoon, then gorgeous homemade dinner at our (rented) Tahoe resort. Hot-tubbing, Karaoke, games, hot-pot, French-steak dinner, white-elephant were part of the programs. Our Landrover skidding on the snow greeted us a 30-secs roller-coaster experience. Fortunately no other car was on the road, as it was 1 am on the freeway at Tahoe. Sixteen-people brains were quite fruitful to complete a 1000-pieces puzzle in one night till 4 am in the morning. Good time spent. And I have not asked for the "cost damage" yet. Friends spent much time to research and plan for this event with lowest possible costs. Next time, I definitely like to lend a hand to organize.

We set a rule that gifts for white-elephant gift exchange must be at least of $15 value to avoid penalty. When one item was found to be a container of salt, the person was "stoned" with much boos and questions. Then he showed us behind the salt company label was glued a $15 Starbuck gift-card.

I brought a digital camera without memory card. Well, luckily enough I used my new cellular phone with its 2MB pixels camera. 8-)

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