Dell UltraSharp 2407FP,Wide Flat Panel .. is a great value

Christmas is approaching very quickly. I found my body is at office, but my mind is already somewhere else. Starting the Christmas of 2005, with the noticeable free fall of LCD monitor prices, I had the 24inch and 30inch LCD monitors in my shopping radar. Bingo! Last August, I purchased one Dell UltraSharp 24 inch Wide-Screen LCD monitor from Dell online, when Dell offered 20% discount. The out-the-door price is about $770 including tax. (free shipping included)

The one at my office cubicle is of HP 23-inch Wide-Screen LCD. The ticket price is much higher. If you like to open several browsers or prefer to view your movie via your computer sometimes, 24-inch LCD would be a good investment. It is particularly a bargain when Dell offers the 20% discount. (It looks like the 20% discount is offered twice a year, about seven months apart). Detail technical specifications are available from the Dell website. One may have preferences about pixels, resolution, contrast ratio..etc. The info is also available online.

The 30-inch monitor was a top candidate at the beginning, but it requires a high-end graphics card instaleld in the computer to support the high resolutions. Attached are a few photos to share my experience of using the 24-inch LCD. It has been four month now. No problems have been observed yet.

Sometimes I would watch TV news or movies via the computer TV tuner while working. Watching movie from LCD monitor is also known to be better than watching from a regular TV. LCD monitor has zero glare. There is the rule of thumb of keeping at least a six-feet distance when watching TV. LCD or computer monitor has no such restriction.

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