Prevent Credit Card Fraud with and Free Card Activity Alerts

I have written about credit card frauds numerous times in the past (AMEX Costco data fraud #1AMEX Costco card fraud #2), and the usefulness of using to monitor my credit profile activity.  I wonder if there is a data breach at Chase this year.  It happens to my mom's Chase Freedom which is opened only since January of this year.

Email alert from Chase

Immediately, I notified my mom who called Chase for a card replacement with a different credit card number.  Credit card fraud will continue, as fraud activities lead to profits.

What We Can Do

Only small effort is needed, and it will save you tons of headache and time in the future.  All these services are free of charge.
  • Set up credit card alerts (Chase, Citi, American Express, Barclay)
    • For credit cards you do not plan to use but keep for good credit history, opt-in for the following alerts if available
      • spending more than $1
      • debit or cash withdrawal
      • suspicious activities
      • general alerts
    • For credit cards that you use often, opt-in
      • alert for large spending (ex $100)
      • foreign or online transaction
      • gas station charge
      • debit or cash withdrawal
      • suspicious activities
      • general alerts
    • Enable either email or text messaging alert, or both if you desire
  • Register your account in
    • Enable email or text messaging alert for any activities in the account.  There should be only a couple events per month if you do not open any new credit cards.
    • Once every 6 months, I review my credit profile, particularly,

Recently, there has been US Federal workers data breach.  I remember one of my close relatives' identity was stolen in the past.  Someone else used her information to apply for a credit card and used it for 6 months before my relative found out.  If she had registered her social security number in, she would have receive an alert that a new account (with which bank) is opened.

Do not wait.  Set up your profile if not already done so.

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