Last Free Amazon Person-to-Person Payment Oct 12, 2014

Amazon person-to-person payment has played critical roles to allow a credit card holder to meet large minimum spending requirement for a new credit card.  It has been my one of seven effective ways.  It allows one to transfer $1000 from credit card free to another person's Amazon account (not under the same household). But free things don't last long in general.  I received an email from Amazon today.  And I highlighted the most important section in red.

Greetings from Amazon Payments:

Each year we send out a notice to every person who has an active Amazon Payments account.  This notice is not a bill; it contains important information about our privacy practices, changes we are making to the availability of certain services, and how you can report errors or unauthorized transactions related to your account.

We appreciate the trust that you have put in Amazon Payments by using our services and want to make sure you are informed about our policies and practices. We know that you care how information about you is used and shared. To help you understand our privacy practices, we have detailed how we collect, use and safeguard your personal and financial information in our Privacy Notice (

Our Unauthorized Transaction Policy ( describes how you can report to us any billing errors or unauthorized transactions involving the use of your account balance or registered bank account. It also describes our liability and your rights for these types of errors or transactions.

Additionally, we have updated the terms and conditions of our User Agreement ( that apply to your use of the products and services provided by Amazon Payments.  Our updated User Agreement revises certain terms (including, among other things, the elimination of person-to-person payments).  Our new User Agreement will become effective on October 13, 2014, which is more than 30 days from when we first posted our updated User Agreement.  By continuing to use our services after October 13, 2014, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of our new User Agreement.

Please take a moment to review our Privacy Notice (, Unauthorized Transaction Policy (, and User Agreement ( They may be found by clicking the User Agreement/Policies link on our web site at

If you have questions or concerns about this information, please contact us by signing in to your Amazon Payments account and clicking on the Contact Us link ( or by writing to us at Amazon Payments, Attn: Compliance, P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, Washington 98108-1226.

Thank you for using Amazon Payments.

The Amazon Payments Team

The new policy is effective on October 13, 2014, so we can use Amazon person-to-person payment until October 12, 2014.  With Amazon payment out and Evolve Money's new one payment per biller restriction, the remaining attractive option to cash out debit Visa/MasterCard gift card is American Express Blue Bird.  There is no easy way to freely cash out AMEX debit gift card anymore.

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