Free Conference Calls to Indonesia and Vietnam via has been expanding internationally.  An email today announces new availability of free conference call to Indonesia and Vietnam.  Earlier I wrote about free international phone call options.  The service is not limited to companies' uses.  Households may find the service useful.

One main advantage is that neither party in different countries would be required to use a smart phone for installing mobile apps, and the service is completely free.  One drawback is that once in a while, the calls can not connect due to network instability.

Pinger used FreeConferenceCall services to conference with our Europe counterparts at the beginning to save money.  FreeConferenceCall supports most of European countries.  If you have a friend/family there whom you like to call often at about the same time, this would be one good option.

A portion of supported country list
* Currently, does not offer free service to China, India, Philippine.

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