San Diego SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, Hilton San Diego Homewood Suites - 2 Days Combo Fun - Part 2

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We visited San Diego SeaWorld on Thursday, and San Diego Zoo on Friday.  It was lots of fun.  From my perspective, the tickets are not cheap.  San Diego SeaWorld worths the price, but the Zoo may not, to an adult.  To be fair, the zoo may worth much more for a kid.

Shamu, killer whale, jumps
It was tempting to touch killer whales
Special Shamu Christmas Show

Discounted Tickets for San Diego SeaWorld for one-day pass only

  • Purchase online via San Diego SeaWorld website with AAA promo code SWCWESTWAYSFC2014  (for 2014) to pay child ticket price for an adult admission.  Just change the last digit for a different year.
  • Purchase discounted tickets in AAA/CAA offices if you are AAA member.

Discounted Tickets for San Diego Zoo for one-day pass only

  1. Sign into your account, type "Scorebig" in Search Store name
  2. Click on the referral link to be redirected to
  3. First-time ScoreBig member also receives $10 discount coupon.
  4. Enter "San Diego Zoo" in the search field inside
  5. Bid for one-day pass for San Diego Zoo.  All purchases should receive 12% cash back tracked in your account.  Allow at least 5 business days for shipping.  I found this website two days before departing for San Diego, so too late to buy the tickets via
For both theme parks, I purchased the tickets online and brought the print-outs to the parks, which turned out to be a good decision.

  • If your family plans for one day trip for each park, purchase the tickets via online or AAA offices.  The ticket lines at the San Diego Zoo was so long that it would be at least one hour of wait during peak season.  We felt fortunate to be able to walk to the zoo entrance right away with our print-out zoo tickets.
  • Try to be familiar with the San Diego SeaWorld programs and map and San Diego Zoo map ahead of time.  Afternoon seems to be a peak-time for the San Diego SeaWorld as it was flooded with visitors that many popular shows reached maximum fast.
San Diego SeaWorld

San Diego Zoo
  • Buy a few souvenirs and have fun.  Particularly for San Diego SeaWorld Shamu show, your family may want to sit in the first few bench to get wet, real wet.  Many folks wore raincoats or set up defenses by holding up large SeaWorld blankets.  (We bought one blanket too!)
  • Hilton San Diego Homewood Suites is only 10 minutes drive to San Diego SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo, if you are looking for affordable stay.  (See Part I, we used 80,000 Hilton HHonors points to redeem two nights)
San Diego SeaWorld Christmas Shamu Show
San Diego SeaWorld Ticket Promotion: Pay for 1 Day, All of 2014 Free

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