Star Alliance Gold Game from Eva Air to win free Gold Status, with answers

I played it a couple times.  The game is short.  The question order may change but the set of questions are the same, except one or two.  I played it to test my knowledge and allured by the prize of free Star Alliance Gold status, which can be offered to anyone else if you already have it.


  • Each email address can actually be played twice if you start over again soon enough before your email address is saved in Eva Air database.
  • Each incorrect choice automatically incurs a 30 seconds penalty.

The following are answers to the game.

Q1: When asked about the frequent flyer program the God card belongs to?  
A1: Depends on what Gold card is shown, it is either United or Ethiopian Airlines

Q2: Watch the airport lounge access video. The question asks what type drink or number of people in the lounge.
A2:  The drink is champagne.  The number of people is 6

Q3: Which airline company the flight attendant serves in?
A3: If you see an Asian attendant, she works in China Air of which the icon is located at the bottom of the three icons.  If you see a non-Asian attendant, she works in Swiss Air of which the icon is the center one.

Q4: Destination countries for the required hours of flight travel.
A4: If departing from US, the destination is Italy (8 hours).  If departing from UK/Britain, the destination is Singapore (12 hours).

Q5: Suitcase arrangement puzzle
A5: The answer of this one varies.  The puzzle would show you the order of messing up the puzzle. You just reverse engineer.

At the end, you will receive a digital pledge if all questions are answered correctly. 

Have fun.

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