MasterCard Gift Card rebate: Safeway $10 coupon, Staples $15 gift card

How to Set PIN for U.S. Bank MasterCard giftcard

  1. Call 1-866-952-5653
  2. Press "1"
  3. Press "2"
  4. Enter gift card number
  5. Enter the 3-digit security key (at the back of the card)
  6. Press "3"
  7. Enter a 4-digit PIN number
  8. Re-enter PIN. done
[11/6/2013 - 12/3/2013]
Safeway Thanksiving/CyberMonday 2013 Promotion:
$10 Safeway Coupon again.  I purchased a $500 MasterCard gift card with my AMEX Premier Gold card.   There is no cash advance fee.

[9/11/2013 - 10/8/2013]
Limited-time Promotion: I bought a $500 MasterCard gift card. The promotion is for minimum $100 MasterCard gift card purchase. $10 coupon is valid per Safeway account holder.  It has the same coupon code number 78461 as last time ...

[August 2013 Expired]
Limited-time Promotion: Buy at least $100 MasterCard gift card and receive $10 Safeway coupon.  The coupon can be used with minimum $10 purchase. Each coupon expires about 14 days from the day you purchased the MasterCard gift card.

$500 MasterCard debit gift card from Safeway

The promotion says limited one per Safeway card membership (thus, not per household) which is free membership.  As there is a Safeway store on my way to work every day, it was convenient for me to conduct the following experiments.

  • Chase Ink Card + my Safeway membership number:  received $10 Safeway coupon
  • American Express Blue Cash Card + my Safeway membership number: received $10 Safeway coupon
  • Chase Ink Card + Isa's Safeway membership number:  received $10 Safeway coupon
  • American Express Blue Cash Card + Isa's Safeway membership number: received $10 Safeway coupon

Two $10 Safeway coupon

The MasterCard gift card bought with my American Express Blue Cash card would become fee-free, because Blue Cash card offers 3% cash back on grocery purchase. ($500*3% = $15).  I would make $9 per coupon.  Total, I earned four $10 Safeway coupons.  The $10 can be used for minimum $10 purchase. I noticed that all four coupons have the same coupon code number 00000-78461 (hmm.. what if someone finds a way to print these coupon copies ... yet in that case the coupons will have same expire date) I bought one bag of frozen scallops, $14, and paid only $4 in the checkout.

I plan to keep American Express Blue Cash Card for some time to boost up my credit score to 750+

Limited-time Promotion: Buy at least one $200 MasterCard gift card in Staples Store, and receive $15 Staples gift card in rebate

$200 Mastercard debit gift card from Staples

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