Mediterranean Cruise - Italy, Rome, Colosseum

On the last day of the cruise, we arrived in Italy, Rome and decided to take spend an extra day to walk around Rome.  I forget where the cruise ship dropped us.  Our journey started with a train ride to Rome, meeting other tourists who greeted each other courteously and asked each other the same question, "Is this train going to stop at Rome?"  There was no English handout in the departing train station.  That was the fun part.

We arrived at the Rome central train station, and walked to the pre-booked hotel/motel.  It would take one week to tour Rome completely.  We only had one day.

I had the best fresh-clam spaghetti and firewood pizza.

Then we were ready to walk to visit the famous Colosseum and Arch of Constantine,

and tour other beautiful structures also.

We would like to come back.

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