How to Claim back Lost United Miles when flying United Airline Partners

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After exchanging emails with United MileagePlus Customer support five or six times with three different United MileagePlus Support representatives over one and a half month, my wife finally was rewarded United miles for all those Eva Air flights that she took in 2012.  Every time she took Eva Air flight, she provided United Airline membership number to the Eva Air receiptionist, then assumed United miles automatically came to her account.  That was a mistake when I reviewed her United Miles account reward activities in last December, as I was consolidating her accounts.  Another challenge is that we no longer has those boarding passes. We only have itineraries.  My efforts paid off.

Why would I spend the effort to communicate with United?  It is based on the belief that United values their customers, particularly Premier 1K United member.  On the other hand, 25K United miles is almost 40% of the 65K United miles needed for a round-trip flight ticket via Singapore Airline to Asia, a $400 value.  Last, I got to try it for educational purpose.

United Airline would reward back lost United Miles if the flights were within the last 12 months.  United Air has been timely to reward United Miles if taken United Airline.  The situation becomes more complicated when the flight is not with United Airline.

(Request to earn United miles rather than United Airline partner miles must be communicated to the United Airline partners at the airport receptionist to be eligible to earn United Airline miles)

If boarding pass is available and flight was taken with United Airline partners, simply email with
  • United membership number
  • Passenger full name
If boarding pass is not available and flight was taken with United Airline partners such as Eva Air, such as my case, contact the United Airline partner first to verify the partner already provided authorization to United Airline, and ask for that authorization number.  I contacted Eva Air, and provided each of the flight detail information.  Eva Air confirmed that they already sent authorization number to United Airline.

With authorization numbers on-hand, I emailed with
  • Ticket number
  • Exact name as it appeared on the ticket (please include all letters)
  • Date of Travel
  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • Flight Number
  • Class of Service
  • United Airline partner authorization number
Asked United MileagePlus Customer Care to contact United Airline partner. United MileagePlus customer care asked me for boarding pass and to contact Eva Air in each email communications. Soon I realized that not all of them know this last key step.  They listened and tried..

Thank you for your reply.  

After forwarding your request to our partner, it can take up to 15 days for the miles to post to your account if the request is approved.  If your missing miles have not posted after 15 days, it may be that your flights were not eligible for credit.  You can visit to confirm missing miles credit and for complete accrual details.  We suggest you save copies of your boarding pass and passenger receipt until miles appear on your account summary.


Richard Moose

Take away: Keep the electronic boarding pass until United miles are confirmed rewarded to your United account.

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