How to Redeem Marriott Reward Free e-Certificate?

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I forgot about my Marriott E-Certificate of which the credit card was approved since May 2012.  Most of my friends do not believe such offer from Marriott, because it only requires one purchase using the card to qualify for the reward. Waiting 6-8 weeks is a long wait also, so it happened naturally ... I completely forgot.  Just remember today, make a reservation on-time on the expiration date. This time, we can stay longer visiting a friend's family near the hotel which is about 1 hour drive at least.

E-Certificate is good for one free night at Marriott Category 1-4 hotel.

Marriott Reward credit card's offer details says

FREE NIGHT STAY E-CERTIFICATE: Please allow 6 to 8 weeks after account opening for your Free Night Stay E-Certificate to be automatically deposited into your Marriott Rewards Account. Free Night Stay E-Certificate is valid for hotels in categories 1-4. For participating category 1-4 locations, log on to or call 800-321-7396. The E-Certificate must be redeemed within 6 months from date of issue. 

Check if you have any E-Certificate available (at least 8 weeks after your account is opened).
  1. Sign directly into "My Account Activity" page (reward number is shown in the Marriott credit card)
  2. At the bottom of the page, all available E-Certificates are listed.

Identify your choice of Marriott Category 1-4 hotel

  1. Assuming a category 4 hotel, participating category 4 hotels
  2. Click on the selected hotel name to open a new web page of the hotel selected
  3. Select the time and date, and check for availability
  4. At the payment page, make sure E-Certificate is selected.

  5. Continue to finish the reservation. The information is available in the "Upcoming Reservation" link in the Marriott Rewards home page

There is a helpful online forum which share questions and answers about Marriott rewards

We ended up staying at the FairField Inn by Marriott, which is only two blocks away from where our friend family live.  Our room was decent size with a lounge area.  All the fees were covered except overnight parking which was $10.  The package came with free Wi-Fi and continental breakfast.  It is not a five-star experience, but provided us the convenience of overnight stay without the rush to drive back.

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