How to Earn Free Bonus United or Southwest points with e-Miles program

I received an email from PriorityClub Rewards to join and a chance to win up to 300,000 bonus points.  However, the enrollment kept failing and displaying the error message "Your Frequent Flyer number or Sponsor program number is not valid".  

Without giving up, I checked website, and noticed two favorites: United and Southwest Airlines.

To register e-Miles with Southwest Rapid Rewards number use
First time registration earns bonus 200 e-Miles points

To register e-Miles with United MileagePlus membership number, use
First time registration earns bonus 100 e-Miles points

Note from e-Miles FAQ page
"The miles you earn with e-Miles are deposited in your preferred frequent flyer or sponsor account in 500 mile increments as requested by the member. Each Sponsor requests you allow 8-10 weeks after you request your deposit for miles to post to your frequent flyer or sponsor account"

I enrolled with my Southwest Rapid Rewards membership number,

I would not spend too much time on the site to earn points though, probably at most 10 minutes in each visit.

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