Chase & Amazon Cash Back Promotion 2010

This year, the temperature is particularly freezing, although without snow. The holiday and spending spirit is quite strong. Still researching about an affordable heater machine, I have been preparing the ground work for my wedding and home remodeling. The task load are intense. It drives both my fiancee and me several times into voiceless discussion. Scouting internet for coupons and discounts is one major activity when both of us can beam on each other a big smile. We like to score or nail a good deal. We found the following good deals to receive cash back or bonus or promotions.

1. Save 10% on Lowes's purchases up to $5000

2. Save 10% on Home Depot's purchases up to $2000, when signing up for the Home Depot Moving Club

You will receive the coupon electronically if you have not applied within the last 9 months (my guess about minimum wait period) using the same address and email address.

3. Cash back for Credit Card Application Approval
" Rewards Visa Card" $30 cash back, 3% from Amazon-shipped purchases, 1% from all others.
"Chase Freedom Credit Card" $50 cash back, 1% from all purchases, 5% from selected categories
The other ones I did not apply.

4. Bank of America $200, if you already have BofA credit cards. NOTE: expire Dec 4, 2010.

Cash back is the simplest reward.

Amazon sometimes offer deeply discount items via BlackFriday sale, and the upcoming Christmas sale. It is a good place to look for things that you need. Shop for things that you need, not you want. Keeping this discipline for one year will increase your sense of higher disposable income!

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