Website mock-up for Solar Gadgets: elements of good ecommerce website

I believe in the benefits and business potential of solar gadgets, so easily turned it into my individual project for my E-commerce class. It is my simple dream mock-up website, not accessible via internet, not functional. Some companies I have been tracking are Kyoto, Voltaic

Key elements for a good EC website:

1. simple, consistent design

2. Compelling value proposition
. “Shine with Our Sun”
. “Solar gadgets save $, save energy, give peace of mind”

3. “Call To Action” incentives
. Phone number available on each web page
. Call to Buy 1-800-Sun-Ibuy
. Special Offer! Ads in Home Page

4. Active Space
. "Try FREE solar calculator
& participate in a drawing for a water-clock "
to collect contact info such as name and email address
. Add to social networks (Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube)

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