Category Maturity Life Cycle vs Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC)

In the world of marketing strategy, two essential studies involve Category Maturity Life Cycle and Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC). This area is interesting and very useful, such that certain consulting companies are expert in this area. For example, which also offers free web seminars. The founders are Harvard MBA graduates. Putting that aside, their presentation clarified to me that marketing strategy should rarely come from a whimsical thought, and definitely not some mere BS-ing. Systematic analysis and creative approaches can be applied to look at a product direction, probably with the exceptions of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who are regarded as marketing gurus. It makes marketing analysis more interesting and complicated than before. I am in my fourth marketing course now.

"Crossing the Chasm" by Geoffrey Moore, 2002 talks in details about TALC

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